Tuesday, 4 November 2014

That's a 2 piece!

So as I open to write in a here today, Blogspot shows me a note saying: "Last posted 7 Sep 2014"!!!

WOW!!! Has it been that long? Recently I received an email from a friend asking me if everything was alright at my side, as he never saw any blog updates. I receive his email when ever I go missing from this tiny space. That's when I realized it has been long and I got to do something about my absence here.

So let me tell you what I have been doing for these past few months. Well, it may not be exciting to a few of you.

Writing has never been my forte, I work as a Compliance officer. My weekdays are spend in front of the computer in a financial organization reading Singapore's regulations, finding out what's the latest in the financial sector, trying hard to draft policies and procedures, reviewing work from other departments etc. By the time I get home from work, I 'm tired and the least I want to do is to switch on my computer and to type non-stop.

After work I rush to get a quick work-out done to relieve my stress whether its running a 4km or head to the yoga studio to make full use of my gym membership. Working out really makes me feel light, motivated and brings so much of positive energy in to my so called not so entertaining work life minus my beautiful colleagues.

By the time I end my work-out it's time for a delicious meal be it a simple salad (which I post on my instagram) or nasi goreng ayam (chicken fried rice) or pesto chicken with french fries and mexican cheese pasta. Now wait! Are you judging me because of my size? WELL WELL my dear ones I DO EAT, I can eat and I LOVE TO EAT. I work-out to EAT ;-).

By the end of night after all of this, while sitting on a couch and wanting to type and post about that latest purchases of mine or do a review on my beauty products I swear by. I am tired...not inspired... LAZY!!! I am in awe of my fellow bloggers who gets to do more than 2 posts in a week, I wish I could do the same.

Reading the October Vogue issue on Women Empowerment motivated me even more.I am not going to be that lazy blogger with a few words, instead I am going to work hard for my passion which is fashion.

Readers, please do drop in your feedback in the comments section. Let me know what you would love to see or hear from my corner whether its places to visit in Singapore, to eat, to shop or do you just want to drop me a line and tell me about your passion for fashion, I am all ears, until next time toodles.

Moving on to my outfit, this is a two piece guys. Let your creative juices flow when it comes to re-creating that simple black dress.

That's a 2 piece_1 That's a 2 piece_2 That's a 2 piece_3 That's a 2 piece_5

ASOS Bodycon dress| ModCloth Lace Cape| Irregular Choice Shoes from Heels.com| Chomel Water pearl studs

Stay Beautiful,


Sunday, 7 September 2014

Weekend Mode!

Weekend Mode_1 Weekend Mode_2 Weekend Mode_3 Weekend Mode_4

I think it's pretty safe to say that this turqoiuse tassels is the KILLER here.

Denim: GUESS| Top: FOREVER 21| Shoes: ZARA| Clutch: purchased in the BAHAMAS| Accessories: all from BALI

Stay Beautiful,


Saturday, 23 August 2014

Retro Lips!

If I were to be asked what's my personal style, I would give it a thought and just answer you by saying "I like to keep YOU and MYSELF guessing".

My style is all over the place, I love to dress quirky, fusion wear, monochrome, I love my skirts and I do date night glam for my Man.

One thing that stays the same over the years in my style are these Retro Red Lips. I love coloring my lips in shades of berry, rose and the classic red. Without these crayons I feel naked stepping out. I am pretty sure many of you Gorgeous Women out there do agree with me on that :)

Retro Lips Retro Lips-1.1 Retro Lips-1.2

Cotton Jacket: FABELS by FAB INDIA| Dress: H&M| Shoes: CHARLES & KEITH| On my lips: RETRO RED by REVLON| Accessories: Ring- ESTA & Chain: random store in Perth

Stay Beautiful,


Monday, 18 August 2014

Frida Kahlo

I am a graphic tee lover and whereever I go I often pick up one or two of difference designs. My recent pick up was the Popeye's collection from UNIQLO, it will soon make it's apperance here I promise.

I found this Frida Kahlo design at FOREVER 21, the design looked more of her real photograph image than a painted picture which attracted me even more. One main drawback was the big arm holes. Nevertheless, I took the plunge and made my way to the cashier.

If you were to ask me how I would wear these tees, my answer would be with my pencil skirts and skater skirts as it brings out my inner quirkiness and feminine side of myself.

Frieda Khalo Frieda Khalo-2 Frieda Khalo-4 Frieda Khalo-5

Tee: FOREVER 21 |Skirt: ASOS |Shoes: CHARLES & KEITH |Ear-studs: LOVISA

Stay Beautiful,


Monday, 11 August 2014

White Flowers!

It had been a beautiful fun-filled week & weekend with my parents around. That explains why I have been away from the blog seen ever since I came from my short trip to Kerala.

There are days that I wished my parents lived a bit closer to us, and then when they are closer I tend to cry for a bit of a private space. I didn't live with my parents when I was a child, I've been staying in boarding homes, hostel and with my grand parents. That could explain…

This one week changed things a bit, I felt my home was a home when they were around. My mom cooked for us all day, there was a lot of talk and laughter around. It was noisy I would say. Now that they are gone, I feel the emptiness. My parents are the kindest souls ever, I am blessed to have such an amazing family.

Now to my outfit, wore this ensemble to my friend's wedding. I had my eyes fixed on this skirt from ZARA when it was priced SGD79. I decided to wait until their sale started and I am glad that they had it in my size at nearly half the price. I paired it with my favorite cropped top, my friends thought it was a one piece pencil dress. They were amazed when I told them it was a two piece.

Hope you all loved it.

White Flowers White Flowers- 2 White Flowers- 4

Pencil Skirt & Shoes: ZARA| Cropped Top: H&M| Beaded Clutch: ACCESSORIZE| Accessories: LOVISA

Stay Beautiful,


Saturday, 19 July 2014

HerworldPLUS Street Style Awards x Rach-in-Fashion!

For those of you who have been following me on Instagram would have known what's been going on this past couple of weeks and for those who don't, here is my story.

I have been selected as one of the 10 finalists among 2000 entries for the herworldPLUS Street Style Awards! This past month involved all the finalists to participate in the Aldo challenge/ video shoot and a photoshoot that portrays our personal style along with accessories that we chose from Aldo. This has been my first ever event and I was totally taken away by the surprises and loved every minute of it. Few weeks ago, a fellow blogger and I went live on a local radio station HOT FM91.3 and shared our style tips. Such chances don't come by often, so I was living in the moment :).

I went with a fusion wear for our shoot and stayed true to my love for the uncommon. If you like my style do VOTE for me.

Here is the pictures and the video from behind the scenes.
IMG_7603 copy Plaids IMG_7644 copy

Thank you to each of you for your constant support and love you gave me in this blogging journey. I do hope you continue to follow my blog.

Stay Beautiful,


Monday, 14 July 2014

Lady who lunches!

DSC_1047_Fotor DSC_1056_Fotor

A quick post while I continue to watch the finals, you could clearly make it out whom I am supporting for the finals. This was what I wore today for a birthday lunch with my man.


Tank top: UNIQLO| Pants: WOMB| Shoes & Purse: ZARA

Stay Beautiful,