Sunday, 26 June 2011

Tropical Saturday

Dear Readers,

It had been a beautiful Saturday morning, waking up late and doing things at my own pace. These days it gets so hot outside and all I could think about wearing in this Tropical weather (all time of the year) is a cotton tee-shirt, do my hair in a not so neat braided hair tie up and sipping to an ice cold Mango Yoghurt. Yes thats what I did :)

Hope you all are having a beautiful day, sending you all my love.

Tee-Shirt: Uniqlo
Skirt: Little flower at the end of a rainbow
Shoes: Zara

Stay Beautiful,

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Treasure boxes

Dear Readers,

Check out what I found yesterday after my work.

I found these beautiful boxes. It is The Great Singapore Sale (GSS) here and most of the shops you would see the sign board that reads GSS or from 30% off or more.
I went into this Art & Living store yesterday, it is a beautiful store with full off collectibles from souvenirs, chinawares, massive range of home d├ęcor items that includes lamps, photo frames, tableware, homeware and candle holders, this place also carries rare silk cushion covers, trinket boxes and other unique souvenirs and many more beautiful things.

Next I have my eyes on a Lacquer Cabinet with four drawers and a Wooden Elephant Card Holder. After all its The Great Singapore Sale with a crazy deal upto 70% off :)

I bought these boxes to store my jewellery as you all would soon see the amount of ear rings, chains that I have. Some of my pieces I had been having them for years and would want to safe keep them. Therefore I wanted to have some beautiful boxes not just some plain cardboard boxes but those that would also add as a decorative piece even when kept in a my living room.

Have you see the detailed paintings on the outside and the inside of the box, the colours? Hope to grab the Lacquer Cabinet with coloured drawers soon ;)

The leather boxes were priced SGD 14.50 (Green), S$ 9.90 (Maroon) & S$ 10 (Buddha wooden box). These are my Treasured Hunts.

Thank you for passing by my blog and for all the comments.

Till my next post,
Stay safe & Beautiful

Monday, 6 June 2011

Denim on Denim with Colours!

Dear Readers,

Finally my weekend is coming to an end. Oh dear Saturday and Sundays are never enough for most of us. This weekend I did see three beatiful romantic and fun movies they were Love & Other Drugs, Hangover II and Couples Retreat. Beautiful time it had been.

Denim on Denim is in this S/S 2011. I must say there is no harm to this trend as it is very easy and you could either dress up or down this look. With this look I paired it up with an embroidered vest and similar colour beaded chain.
The result you want to give can be understated,effortless and yet STYLISH :)
This is what I did today.

Jeans- Far East Plaza
Denim Shirt- Gap
Vest- River Island
Chain- Forever 21
Shoes- Online
Bag- G.aires

Till my next post.
Stay Beautiful.

Saturday, 4 June 2011


Dear Readers,

How are you all doing???
I apologise for my long absence. Two weeks ago I had received the very bad news about my Grand Mothers death to cancer. I had been taken back for the past two weeks and now getting along in my life. I had grown up with my grand parents during my primary and high school days and I still remember my Grand Mom waking up early in the morning cooking our breakfast n lunch n many many memories of her stick to me...

Thus my absence and my short getaway with my husband just to keep me away from the emptiness then.
Now I am back in track and all is good :)

So today our friends and us went for the movie Hangover Part II, I must say it was so HILARIOUS and the six of us could'nt stop laughing our hearts out. We were the noisy ones in that theatre. After which we headed out for some nice cold local desserts and talked again about the funny scenes from the movie. It was was one fun evening.

For my outfit today I paired my skirt with my Denim Shirt Dress, to have this fit to my size I added in my skinny belt.
I had being eyeing this floral printed skirt ever since I saw the Spring/Summer 2011 Mango Fashion show. The next day I had to grab this and have it in my closet. But, I did not buy it all of a sudden it took me couple of days n a month.

What I loved about this skirt is that it is High-waist has a very feminine flare with button-through front fastening and slouchy side pockets. For a twist and a change I paired them with my Denim Shirt Dress :)
I loved this. What say you all?

Skirt: Mango
Denim Shirt Dress: Her Velvet Vase
Shoes: Allegra
Watch: Fossil
Charm Bracelet: Agatha & Love Links
Brown Calf Leather Bag: G.aires

Till my next post.
Stay Safe & Beautiful