Thursday, 28 July 2011

Packed my bags and I am ready to go :)

Dear Readers,

Tonight my Husband & I will be travelling to Kerala (Southern State in India). This is the first time his family in Kerala is seeing us since our marriage. I have my bags packed with Indian ethinic wear, comfortable footwear for the monsoon/hot weather.

I am so looking forward to meeting up with the families, loads of love filled bonding time and never to forget home-made food yum yum yum. This ten days trip will be packed with door-to-door visit families & friends. This is our first trip together on air and I am excited (coz he had been sailing for long and shared a long distance relationship for a year).

Iphone checklist did help me alot for last minute packing :)

I will try my best to post pictures while I am there :)
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Much love sending your way.
Stay Beautiful,

Monday, 11 July 2011

Old Spot !!!

Dear Readers,

Yes it's the same OLD SPOT, You guessed it!!! My husband and I wanted to take a few pictures nearby but it started to rain :(
There wasn't anywhere that we could think of so we decided to come back to square one.

So what I had today was a visit to SPCA (Singapore Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals). My husband and I plan to adopt a dog prefereably an English Bull Dog. We did'nt find the one we wanted so decided to continue visiting until we found the right one for us.

What I wore for today was a leopard printed top with cotton shorts paired with anything that looked Yellow. Pops in colour do make me feel cheerful even on a rainy day.

Top- Mango
Shorts- The Box
Shoes- Allegra
Accessories- Ear studs: Accessorize, Bangles: Forever 21 & Indian Bazar

Stay Beautiful,

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Back to my Childhood

Dear Readers,

Today I was feeling a bit playful therefore I thought to wear my Overalls and head to the playground.

Overalls are my new substitute for a Romper in Summer time.

Overalls: Forever 21
Top: Southaven
Shoes: Schu

Stay Beautiful,

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Master with Colour- Elisa Nalin

Happy Weekend my dearest Readers!!!

Well on this beautiful Saturday I have to share these few pictures, ideas and what more than COLOURS. Colours is what you would see on this Stylist/Fashion Editor/ Style Consultant- Elisa Nalin.

I am so sure that her name ain't new in this bloggers world. Her style closet has beautiful range of colours & accessories. I do admire the way she adds a flavour to her final piece- different colour pallettes, accessories that goes from her headgears, necklaces to her SHOES.


Photo credits: Google, Stockholm Streetstyle

Have Stylish & Colourful start to the beautiful weekend readers :)
PS sorry for the quality in the pictures dear readers as I am still new to this Tech World but, aint new to STYLE.

Stay Beautiful,

Monday, 4 July 2011

Happy 4th of July!!!

Dear Readers,

Happy 4th of July to all my beautiful readers from the United States.
What is everyone's plans for today? Are you going to see the fireworks with friends and family & enjoy a nice BBQ? Or are you staying at home to watch the celebrations on TV?

Let me know how you celebrated your 4th of July.

Photo credit: Google Images

Stay Beautiful,

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Easy Breezy Saturday

Dear Readers,

How is everyone doing? This picture was taken on Saturday before I headed out to meet my girl friends. I wanted to post this the very same day but had been busy with running errands, catching a movie at 2am. Yes Yes YES 2am. Hahahah, it sounds crazy but my friends and I had to see Transformers-3 and that was the best time and seats available.

Now about the outfit: this pleated black dress had been love at first site. I spotted this dress about a year ago at my favourite shop and just could'nt lay my hands off it.
As for the chain I window shopped nearly 2-3 times before I finally decided to swipe my debit card. Careful purchases is what I do during these rainy days and that was one of my purchases for the month of July.I will find time to post pictures of my purchases.

Therefore the look I went for is this Easy & Breezy: Easy coz I need to take things slow (one at a time) as my mind is filled with so many things I need to do and Breezy coz it was a breezy evening ;)

Pleated Black Dress: Little Flower at the end of a Rainbow
Sandals: Charles & Keith
Chain: Diva

Stay Beautiful