Thursday, 9 June 2011

Treasure boxes

Dear Readers,

Check out what I found yesterday after my work.

I found these beautiful boxes. It is The Great Singapore Sale (GSS) here and most of the shops you would see the sign board that reads GSS or from 30% off or more.
I went into this Art & Living store yesterday, it is a beautiful store with full off collectibles from souvenirs, chinawares, massive range of home d├ęcor items that includes lamps, photo frames, tableware, homeware and candle holders, this place also carries rare silk cushion covers, trinket boxes and other unique souvenirs and many more beautiful things.

Next I have my eyes on a Lacquer Cabinet with four drawers and a Wooden Elephant Card Holder. After all its The Great Singapore Sale with a crazy deal upto 70% off :)

I bought these boxes to store my jewellery as you all would soon see the amount of ear rings, chains that I have. Some of my pieces I had been having them for years and would want to safe keep them. Therefore I wanted to have some beautiful boxes not just some plain cardboard boxes but those that would also add as a decorative piece even when kept in a my living room.

Have you see the detailed paintings on the outside and the inside of the box, the colours? Hope to grab the Lacquer Cabinet with coloured drawers soon ;)

The leather boxes were priced SGD 14.50 (Green), S$ 9.90 (Maroon) & S$ 10 (Buddha wooden box). These are my Treasured Hunts.

Thank you for passing by my blog and for all the comments.

Till my next post,
Stay safe & Beautiful