Sunday, 3 July 2011

Easy Breezy Saturday

Dear Readers,

How is everyone doing? This picture was taken on Saturday before I headed out to meet my girl friends. I wanted to post this the very same day but had been busy with running errands, catching a movie at 2am. Yes Yes YES 2am. Hahahah, it sounds crazy but my friends and I had to see Transformers-3 and that was the best time and seats available.

Now about the outfit: this pleated black dress had been love at first site. I spotted this dress about a year ago at my favourite shop and just could'nt lay my hands off it.
As for the chain I window shopped nearly 2-3 times before I finally decided to swipe my debit card. Careful purchases is what I do during these rainy days and that was one of my purchases for the month of July.I will find time to post pictures of my purchases.

Therefore the look I went for is this Easy & Breezy: Easy coz I need to take things slow (one at a time) as my mind is filled with so many things I need to do and Breezy coz it was a breezy evening ;)

Pleated Black Dress: Little Flower at the end of a Rainbow
Sandals: Charles & Keith
Chain: Diva

Stay Beautiful