Monday, 16 June 2014

Style Redefined!

The past Saturday went really well for me. I always felt good hitting the gym in the morning and after a cold shower heading out to do my errands.

Style Redefined!

Saturday nights are spent with my man touring the city to either find a new hangout spot or revisiting our favorite comfort food which is Pakistani & North Indian road side restaurant named Usmaans at Serangoon Road. We asked our dear friend Anna and her friend Janani to join us. We had an amazing time gobbling their Special Biriyani, Aloo Naan (stuffed potato), Cheese Naan, Achari (pickle) Chicken & Chilli Paneer. OMG!!! writing about it still makes my mouth water. I love food especially indian food, when ever we decide on an indian spot I get so excited and confused on what to order. I am glad my friends and I share similar taste buds.

With this outfit choice I chose some basic wear and redefined my style by adding a graphic tee over my bootleg denim and a scarf tied around my neck like a rose. I live by the words that says "fashion says me too, Style says Only ME".

Redefined! Style Redefined! Style Redefined!

Tee & Shoes:ZARA| Denim:GUESS| Bag:TOSCANO| Scarf:Arab Street| Ear-rings:LOVISA

Stay Beautiful,



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