Monday, 22 August 2011

Maxed Out

Dear Readers,

I wore this outfit on Saturday. Wanted to post then but my internet was running so slow. On Saturday all I could think about is Maxi to be maxed out. Therefore, I took this single toned dress and jewelled it to the core. Thank you all for sending me your love for my previous posts.

Maxi: Warehouse
Chain: F21 & Metalli
Cuff: Metalli
Shoes: Little India

Stay Beautiful & Much love,


  1. These pictures did turn out very well! And I love your outfit - You have kept such a good shape..and your charming smiles are so sweet...nice knot,cool necklace...

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  3. So cute and simple! Love the flats ;)

  4. This is just so beautiful! So simple and yet gorgeous at the same time! Love it!!!

  5. I love this look! So simple and chic.... i love how you knotted the dress to give it some texture...